Indian Meal Moth

Plodia Interpunctella
Indian Meal Moth

Appearance: Adult size up to 1.5 cm, wing color is generally gray with the back of the wing copper. Larvae have a cream color with a brown head.

Behavior: Indian meal moth can manifest a variety of dry foods, such as grains, wheat, flour, cereals, dried fruit and nuts, flour and seasonings.

Sign of Infestation: There is damage to the product, lumps in flour, moth silk, musty smell in the product.

Diseases/Contamination: Moth generally gives damage to products in quality and quantity.

Prevention: Seal product packaging tightly, prevent product leakage, regulate storage room temperature, routinely clean material deposits and fumigation.

Reproduction: Moth undergoes full metamorphosis, through the stages of eggs, larvae, pupae and adult moth.