Red Flour Beetle

Tribolium Castaneum
Red Flour Beetle

Appearance: Adult beetle size is about 3-4 mm, with reddish brown color. The larval phase is long cylindrical and cream colored and has two protrusions on the tail.

Behavior: They attack the starchy products of cereals and they can fly.

Sign of Infestation: They are found close to their food source in splatter and material deposits. Adult beetles can be found crawling on product packaging. In infested products, we can detect color changes and a musty smell arises.

Diseases/Contamination: Flour beetles are one of the most common pests found in stored products. They create a pungent odor and often contribute to the growth of mold in food. They also pollute packed well with skin and dirt. In time, a beetle infestation can fill an entire cupboard with kitchen items that are not edible.

Prevention: Seal product packaging tightly, prevent product leakage, regulate storage room temperature, routinely clean material deposits and fumigation.

Female beetles lay eggs on a flour deposit; they lay several eggs every day. Eggs can last several months and are very difficult to see in the flour. Larvae will hatch and develop to adulthood in up to 7 weeks, in warm weather their development can be faster.