Our Treatments


COVID – 19 Disinfection Service

The service provides surface misting and airborne treatment with disinfectant registered
on Environmental Protection Agency U.S and comply with WHO.


Hot Fogging

We used thermal fogger for our outdoor techniques to control especially mosquitoes and flying insects.
Thick fumigation in all drainage channels covered with treatment with special thermal fogger insecticide.


Cold Fogging

Outdoor and indoor techniques to control flying insects. We use an Ultra-Low System Valve
with the aim to stretch the longevity of the chemical at the treated site. Ultimately, this machine will affect crawling insects as well.



One of the effective techniques to control pest’s population by using a special spray tool
that varies in form such as Knapsack sprayer, hand sprayer, and mist blower.
This technique is safe to perform indoor and outdoor area. This method is specifically used on all hiding places especially for mosquitoes and
cockroaches. Hiding places such as underneath counter, table, closet, and other area that is narrow, tiny, and hard to reach.



Process of sprinkling powder on area that is indicated by the presence of pest populations especially ants, mosquitoes, flies, etc.



Methods for dispensing / outputting pesticides onto target surfaces like cracks and crevices to produce an effective residue.
When the foam is in a reduced condition, the pesticide liquid will dry out. We provide two types of foam: dry foam and wet foam.



Residual misting is an effective technique to target small flying and crawling insects with fine mist.



Orcid Mantis also provides individual and unique treatments like telescopic
spraying, termite, snake, and nocturnal treatment. To learn more about these
treatments, please contact us through contact us page.